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In-Clinic App


The Springys In-Clinic App Membership allows Unlimited access to the Unified In-Clinic APP timetable.
In-Clinic APP sessions provide members access to the Springys Equipment System and their very own profile on the Springys APPlication System.

your membership

Using your Springys APPlication profile, self direct your workouts through access to hundreds of clinical and targeted sessions allowing you to zone into exercise schedules of choice, and be guided through detailed video and verbal instruction. 
The Springys APPlication System is the ultimate tool for establishing exercise independence, enhancing participants’ body awareness via education on the intention of each exercise, and a ‘muscle map’ that highlights the muscles involved in movement and stability. 
Self select and reach your goals faster through targeted exercise sessions, driven by your own goals and needs!!


  • Targeted exercise prescriptions that can be aligned with goals and clinical needs
  • Varied instruction options for user preference
  • Increased exercise independence
  • Increased frequency of access
  • Work at your own pace
  • Increased timetable access and feedback from practitioners.

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