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Unified Exercise Clinic Session Policy:

Outlined below is the commitment you are making when you book a session with us, please read the details carefully to ensure you know how the Unified system works.

For the purposes of this document “attendance” is either via telehealth or in the clinic.


Unified Exercise Clinic has several booking types:

Exercise Physiology sessions; Private 1:1 or 2:1, Semi-Private, and Group Exercise Physiology .

All Exercise Physiology sessions can draw from any type of exercise or modality. All sessions are customized to the individual’s requirements and clinical needs. They are eligible for rebates from private healthcare providers.

If you are doing a shared session (2:1, semi-private or Group Exercise Physiology) and are the only person in the class in any given week, you are entitled to a 30-minute individual session for the same cost or a full session at private rates.

Private sessions (1:1 or 2:1) are booked directly with the clinic via email or phone. Group Exercise Physiology, Semi-Private and Springys Independent are to be self managed online  https://unifiedexerciseclinic.com.au/bookings/

Springys Conditioning Centre has several booking types:

Springys Themed Classes (clinical or other targeted themes), Springys Facilitated, Springys Independent

All Springys Conditioning Centre bookings are to be self managed: https://www.springys.com.au/springys-locations/springys-conditioning-centre-mckinnon#timetable

Terms and Conditions for bookings:

24 HOURS NOTICE is required for all sessions, otherwise cancellation charges will apply.

The 24 hr cancellation fee varies depending on the session type; for ALL private bookings- $60 fee applies per person, Semi Private = $50 fee applies, Group Exercise Physiology = $40 fee applies, Springys Themed Classes = $25 fee applies. If you are on a 10 pack for any of these sessions you can forfeit the cancelled session. 

2 HOURS NOTICE is required for Springys Facilitated or Springys Independent Sessions. Failure to provide this notice will result in a $25 late cancellation fee.

Payments for services are strictly on the day

10 Pack services are to be strictly paid for upfront and expire after 12 weeks

10 pack purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable

PLEASE NOTE – texting the practitioner is not a suitable form of cancellation or communication. 

For further assistance with your bookings please either email the clinic on [email protected] or call the clinic on 95782542.

How to reschedule or cancel a session for –

Cancelling or changing a Unified Exercise Clinic group session needs to be done independently online https://unifiedexerciseclinic.com.au/bookings/ (or via the instructions within confirmation or reminder emails)

Cancelling or changing a Springys Conditioning Centre session needs to be done independently online: https://www.springys.com.au/springys-locations/springys-conditioning-centre-mckinnon#timetable (or via the instructions within confirmation or reminder emails)

ALL other sessions need to be rescheduled or cancelled directly through clinic administration. 

Change of terms:

These terms are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. 

For the most up-to-date terms and conditions, please visit our website https://unifiedexerciseclinic.com.au/terms-conditions/

By engaging with Unified Exercise Clinic and/or the Springys Conditioning Centre, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the commitment I am making when I book a session with Unified Exercise Clinic and/or the Springys Conditioning Centre.

Membership entitlements:

All memberships allow Unlimited access to the relevant sessions as shown in the table below.

The Unified Exercise Clinic timetable can be viewed on our website: https://unifiedexerciseclinic.com.au/bookings/ 

The Springys Conditioning Centre timetable can be viewed on the Springys website: https://www.springys.com.au/springys-locations/springys-conditioning-centre-mckinnon#timetable

With all Unified Exercise Clinic membership packages you can secure (hold) x2 permanent weekly bookings for 12 weeks in advance. NOTE: If your membership includes access to Group EP and Semi Private, you can hold 2 spots per class type.

Upon membership commencement, UEC team will liaise with you to find your x2 preferred times. UEC will then schedule and secure your preferred times for 12 weeks in advance. 

Once your preferred bookings have been set up, you are entitled to add to, OR change these bookings at your own discretion. To do so, please follow the guidelines below.

Booking additional sessions: When booking additional sessions (beyond your 2 permanent spots), you can only book one week in advance.

PLEASE NOTE- If you need to change your permanent booking time slot/s longingly please email [email protected] outlining your request. We will work with you to the best of our ability to accommodate your requests.

Changing OR Cancelling sessions:

If you cannot attend ANY of your scheduled sessions (permanent or additional), you are responsible for cancelling your booking online. Please refer to the instructions below if you are not sure how to independently manage your bookings online.

Please note: A cancellation fee applies if you cancel within 24hr period (or “no show”), or within 2 hours for Springys Facilitated/Independent.

Cancellation fees vary depending on the session you are booked into, L/C fees are communicated in this document and within your appointment reminders.

Late cancellation fees will be charged to your nominated payment method.

Membership fees:

Membership fees are taken at the start of every 4 week period.

No notice is required to cancel your membership. 

There is no refund for the period between cancellation and end of month cycle, however you will maintain access to your membership entitlements until your monthly subscription expires.

Account information including payment details must be kept up to date. If your account details change and you fail to update us, access will be denied and you may be back billed.


Memberships can be paused, however you will be required to rollover your subscription for an additional month after your membership is reactivated. 

Personal Liability:

Group EP or Semi Private memberships – All participants are required to have an assessment prior to booking into a session for the first time. 

Springys Independent membership – Participants acknowledge that the Springys APP is NOT an assessment tool. The participant accepts personal liability for execution of exercises to be as demonstrated / prescribed within the Springys APPlication. 

If in doubt with regards to the suitability of a session (due to change of circumstance, or in general), it is recommended that the participant seek advice from a Springys practitioner, and if they choose not to, the participant accepts responsibility for their decision not to.


Springys Conditioning Centre services are subject to the same terms and conditions as Unified Exercise Clinic services where relevant. In addition, the following supplemental terms apply:

Springys Themed Classes



Whilst not compulsory, UEC recommends that participants that are new to UEC have an assessment prior to commencement of Springys Independent/Facilitated sessions. 

Having an assessment will allow us to guide you on the most applicable sessions within the APPlication, and familiarise you with how to set up and use the Springys Equipment System. Once you are underway, we recommend an 8 week review session (or more frequently as required / preferred). 

If you would like to have one of the Springys team create a custom session specifically for your profile, a private session is required, following which we will upload it to your dashboard.

To arrange a private session OR for more information on custom sessions, please contact us at – [email protected] 


Cancelling or changing a session needs to be done independently online. There is a “Manage Bookings” link in your confirmation and reminder emails which will take you straight to the booking details, where you can reschedule or cancel easily.

If you are having any problems with the online booking system or have any other questions or concerns, please contact the studio via email; [email protected] or phone on 03 9578 2542 

Please do not contact practitioners on their mobile phones regarding bookings or cancellations. All Group Bookings must be managed directly online. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email [email protected] or phone 03 9578 2542. Cancellations received via text message will be disregarded.


If you are having difficulty with the Springys APPlication, please contact [email protected] for support.


If the session you would like to attend is currently booked out, you may join the waitlist at the link below. We will contact you in the event of any cancellations to reallocate the timeslot to you. Joining the waitlist does not guarantee you will receive a place

Waitlist link: https://forms.gle/STjvT5pCCmuyeTDd9


There are lockers available in the Springys Conditioning Centre and Unified Exercise Clinic spaces to store your personal belongings. Please use these lockers to store your personal effects during your session. Springys Conditioning Centre/Unified Exercise Clinic does not accept liability for your belongings while on our premises.


Exercise Physiology Sessions (1:1, 1:2, Semi-Private, EP Group) can be claimed on private health, subject to your level of cover. 

Private health claims can not be made until after the service is delivered. If you purchase a 10-pack we will supply you with visit receipts after you attend your session for the purposes of private health claims.

The following aspects of the Springys 8 Week Program can be claimed on private health:

Where you access a rebatable service via an 8 week program, we will issue a visit receipt as evidence for your claim. The relevant item code will be applied to determine the claimable amount for each visit and will be calculated based on the standalone cost of a 1:1 session for the relevant duration.